Vince Update Ended?

April 22, 2009 // Internet News, Search Engines, seo

Just a quick post as I wasn’t sure whether or not to mention my observations or not. For those of you who are unaware about what the “Vince Update” is – It’s one of the “many changes” Google made in their algorithm recently, which affected many websites as larger brands seemed to receive a boost in rankings.

I for one noticed this heavily in one of the industries I manage (travel related), every day one of 3 or 4 large brands would be shifted onto the homepage from the second or third page. This changed on a daily basis, giving these larger brands any position between 6 – 9.

Over the last week however it seems that this update has stopped dead. These brands are no longer being boosted to great positions for very highly searched phrases. I debated whether or not to mention this, part of me wants Google to have forgotten to switch the boost button on and the other part of me knows that updates in Google are as regular as minutes in the day.

Just my observations and would love to hear if any other SEO’s have seen the same?

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  1. And that is meant under Vince Update?

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