Text-Link-Ads are wrong!

October 25, 2007 // seo

It finally appears that Google has gone around the table and handed out their punishments for paid links. This has been discussed by the seo community for some time as one or two big websites have had 2-3 page rank drops.

I have clients that have purchased links on various sites that have now been reduced to links equalling their own page rank. I’ve always said you shouldn’t buy links if the only point you look at is PR, I always recommend that if you do buy it should be on trust and traffic.

I logged on to www.textlinkads.com to see what else has changed and to my disbelief ads for links of PR 6-7, costing over $150.00 most of the time have inaccurate page ranks! So I urge Text Link Ads to update their system or they will be receiving many unpleasant emails from unhappy customers. I would also say hold off to any more purchasing until this has settled down.

Another point I have also been considering of late is now we know (98% sure) that if you sell links you will receive a PR drop, what happens if you buy those links – do you get punished? Evidence at the moment says no but with this latest update finding links to buy will be harder and this news cannot be good for link brokers such as www.textlinkads.com.

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  1. I guess this is Google’s way of fighting back with their competitors 😉

  2. Google doesn’t want us using our own text links, they want us to use their’s.

    Kinda like the Government and prescription drugs. They don’t want you to use your drugs, they want you to use their’s.

    The internet may as well be called “Google World”.

  3. Aye…
    The Google God is clamping down…
    He doesn’t like competition…

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