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February 22, 2008 // Internet News, Social Media


This is something that has been on my mind for quite some time now and I wasn’t sure 100% if it was true or not, until now.

For those of you that know me I love StumbleUpon, it provides great on going traffic if you setup and maintain your profile correctly – see my post “Unofficial StumbleUpon guide”. Occasionally my blog posts would get stumbled by someone else for whatever reason but I considered SU a means of letting people know when I have a new post out, in case people have not subscribed via RSS.

Last month, one morning I typically wrote a post and used my usual means of promotion, or so I thought. Later that day I checked to see if any reviews had been made on the submission and to my surprise there was no listing visible. I thought perhaps there had been a mistake when I submitted, so I tried a different technique and looked on my profile again, still no submission – so what am I dong wrong? – Nothing at all is the answer here.

When I now try and submit my own blog content the process appears to work, when you later check it returns this result:


So why has this happened?

I suppose it’s to stop people gaming the system, which I don’t really consider it doing as the content is different each time. I have had friends get URL’s band in Digg before simply because they submitted the same domain too many times so I’m quite glad that the domains don’t get banned entirely.

If anyone else has started to have this problem too please use the poll below, it will be interesting to see the results:

Matt Ridout

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  1. That’s not new. You are allowed to submit one site something like 4, 5 times in a certain time frame and then the votes stop counting.

  2. Hi Tad,

    It’s new to me as i’ve always stumbled my own stuff, pretty regularly aswell. Im sure others are not aware of this

  3. I have experienced this problem since before. Anyway, other people submit my pages for me so it’s not that big of a problem. 😉

  4. That’s completely new to me; I actually never had any problems, although I’ve stopped submitting my stuff.
    But, I suppose there must be an algorithm if someone overdoes it.

  5. I see. Now I know why StumbleUpon does not accept my own content submissions anymore!

  6. Yeah, I stumble about 98% of only my own site’s content at, and do so with every single website update. Never had a problem, and I’ve even read a lot of articles about StumbleUpon on the web that suggest they encourage you to provide your own content. I mean, why not? They lose nothing, and it isn’t spamming.

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