Social Media will be big SEO business in 2008

October 23, 2007 // seo, Social Media

I was going to write a piece on this subject when I came across some findings on Search Engine People. According to a recent survey by Prospero Technologies, nearly 9 in 10 marketers already using social media said they plan to “increase” or “increase significantly” their spending.

As you can see by these results 88% of people expect to spend more money on social media spending in 2008. I had already suspected that business heads and directors of small and medium sized businesses had started to catch on to the social media “craze”.

So how will it work in terms of SEO companies making money?

Well, like most blogs, including this one explain, it’s really not hard to get traffic from these sites – it just takes time. I do currently control social media campaigns for various companies which are still in the early phases of development and the clients are purely billed on time taken on the project. As well as time you may need to kit your blog/website/feeds out with social bookmarking options, this can cost a small amount if you need custom layouts etc, but generally the price will still be low.

I personally think you will start seeing a lot more “seo” companies offering numbers for cash, for example 10,000 hits via social media for $1000 or something as equally unrealistic. Like all good seo methods the social media and bookmarking requires constant attention and time to build up relationships with users and profiles. Of course its no good if you sell health insurance that you buy 100 “Diggs” either – you have to know what kind of users view each different social media site – you have to know your audience.

If any reading this is considering creating a campaign please don’t be tempted with quick fixes, you won’t see a ROI – it’s simple. Speak to agencies or trusted seo workers that charge you by there hourly rates and provide you with proposals and reports on all results. Remember if they’re good they will get large amounts of relevant traffic, not all at once but on a gradual increase.

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