Social Bookmark Count Plugin v1.1

October 29, 2007 // Downloads, seo

After our initial release of our Social Bookmark Count plugin we have made some much needed tweaking and have a nice wordpress plugin for the masses to try.


1. Reddit’s removed

2. You can now see your bookmarked pages if you click on the numbers

3. Magnolia and Technorati bookmark counts have been added

4. Percentages now available by hovering on the Pie Chart

Download Social Bookmark Count V1.1



If anyone finds any other bugs or glitches please let me know.

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  1. Thanks this plugin looks really cool, I will be putting this on my blog soon. Good that you released it for free.

  2. Just to let everyone know, the link is fixed and is now working again.

    Sorry to all of you that tried to download the plugin.


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