Simple rules to follow when link building

October 12, 2007 // Search Engines, seo

Creating a link building campaign is a long on-going time consuming process but there are a few simple rules that you should always follow. I have been creating link building campaigns for various clients for years and the basics I used back then to qualify a link still remain good practice to this day.

1. Use to find out some basic information on a link location, this site is great when looking for dns information.

2. Check the domain age, a lot of people believe that this carry’s no additional “weight” for a link this may or may not be true but I can assure you that have a good “trusted” domain is a good start for finding a quality link location.

3. Check page rank – and before you start crucifying me I still believe the little green bar has some value when deciding where to put a link. People have to start understanding that google has ranked these pages by its very own scoring system, however don’t think for 1 minute that just because a website is PR 7 you will see a positive effect of linking on it.

4. I always create links on relevant websites, look for content that is relevant to your brand or product, it makes sense.

5. Make good use of anchor texts on your links, have around 7-10 good relevant keywords or phrases and stick to them.

6. I always use directories when creating a backlink campaign, just treat the actual page your link will appear on as a separate website and follow all previous steps up to this point.

7. Look at the current backlinks on the proposed website, make sure they have good “trusted” links too.

8. Spread your links over the month, don’t develop 100 one day and 3 the next, a gradual increase is key.

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