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January 13, 2008 // Internet Fun

seo contest

Firmly a few weeks into the new year I’ve decided to hold a small contest. I would like to make a “2008 SEO tips list”, obviously I could just write the list myself but am feeling generous and creative. I will be holding the contest for 14 days from today and will accept entries up to the 23th January 2008.


1. You must post an SEO tip that you think will be valid for 2008

2. It can be any SEO tip you personally think will be true

3. Only one entry per person

4. Entries must be posted as a comment


I will use any tip submitted for the final list if I think it’s valid for 2008. The top 3 tips will each receive a $10.00 Paypal payment as a prize. All tips that make it too the list will receive a link to their web page or blog as a point of reference. I thought maybe a small cash offering to buy a few cups of coffee or to help with your sites sever cost might be a nice incentive, you can of course spend it how you see fit!

Why should you bother?

It would be nice to get some feedback from the SEO community as a whole as to what they think will be happening in 2008 and the possible trends we might start to see. It’s also a bit of fun!

Good luck with your entries and please read the rules before entering!

Matt Ridout

About the author

My name is Matt Ridout, I've been working in digital marketing for 9 years; worked for agencies and currently Head of SEO at fashion startup called Farfetch. Try to test my own theories.


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  2. Like the idea, my tip for 2008:

    Don’t waste your time with directory submissions and article submissions. Use link bait and good content to generate natural backlinks.

    Just glad to be taking part!


  3. Great idea Matt!

    My tip for 2008. Do a bit of research, and publish posts showing the results and implications of the research. People love #s and stats.

    It doesn’t have to be complicated … often something simple. EG. Avatar experiment ( already performed.

  4. My tip is more for agencies… (that people are going to hate but if I was running an agency now this is what I would do)

    Make all your SEM people build social media profiles for the company while they have down time – When they leave, you get to keep the profiles that can send a lot of traffic/new links to your clients with a couple clicks.

    Endgame 2008 SEO is going to be about Social Media and link baiting.

  5. My suggestion for SEO Linking in ’08:

    2008 way of linking besides social and link bait is to find great articles on authority sites. Once you’ve found a great article that is relevant to you/your customer send them a small revision of that article that incorporates your link. Use your savvy persuasion ways and your in. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t mind a little tweaking for a free goodie bag. Good luck SEO’s in 2008!

  6. This is a really good idea Matt!

    My tip: start an SEO tips contest on your site… Only joking 😉

    Seriously, my tip would be to get a blog implemented and to take its upkeep seriously. Carve yourself a unique voice within your niche that people will happily return to. This can bring an enormous amount of traffic to your site, and more importantly for the purpose of SEO, if your content is good it will get you loads of naturally formed backlinks.

  7. Ok, great tips so far guys, so i’ll add one from myself for 2008:

    Whatever industry your business is in your website will benefit from starting a company blog written by employees. As well as providing unique fresh content for your site this will open up opportunities in terms of networking and trust building.

    A well maintained company blog will produce nothing but good results for your website in 2008!

  8. Some very good ideas. The “start a blog” ones would have faired better in the 2007 or even 2006 contest. 😉

    My tip for 2008. Make sure your site (or clients site) has plenty of ways for your visitors to promote the site via social media (Digg This! buttons, Add to etc.etc.) and then create “share-able” content. Link-able content and Linkbait is very good, but share-able is going to be better in 2008.

  9. Thanks for contributing John!

    In terms of tactics there are still a lot of large sites and e-commerce sites that have no blogs as they still don’t understand the benefits of them. What 2008 will show with blogs is how social media integrates with each other to provide great results.

  10. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, you can get a link from them, plus you meet real people. Remember person to person networking rather than online networking. You may pick up more links from other members and possibly some consulting work.

    Don’t ignore what’s in your back yard.

  11. well my tip for 2008 would be as following

    use social bookmarking

    try to get stumbles for your website, my personal experience, stumbled traffic is quite genuine and targeted.

    after stumble, digg, yahoo mywebs, google,, facebook and orkut.

    dont go for directory submission or paid links its a waste with google’s 2008 PR policies

    if still you dot get enough traffic then these networks might help ?


  12. Interesting information thanks for writing

  13. Very nice 🙂 btw very good tips i will use them.

  14. Good thread, i like these tips, its looks that i knew just small part.

  15. Very nice 🙂 btw very good tips i will use them. Some of them i did not knew.

  16. Hi There,

    My Tip : (Which is probably suitable for the small online retailer, like myself)

    Use the various techniques you have gained from above,
    increasing your quality of keywords and meta descriptions etc.

    I also like to look at the keywords my competitors are using and also the positioning of them on their page by using the view source tool, and then trying to better or beat them.

    Also keep updating and changing your pages so the googlebot etc comes and checks you and relists you. you can see when it has last visited by clicking on the cached link at the bottom of the listing on google.

    Some stats: in May 08 our site ( had 546 visitors best month of the year til then, then I started trying to increase it organically by using SEO tips in books and on the web etc instead of paying anyone, I am a scottish farmers son so very tight !! unless buying whisky. Last month July 08 our site had 931 visitors.

    It is important to keep a track of the progress you are making and what you have done so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

    My next move is to try and encourage more visitors to part with money on my site than just looking. I plan to do this by using promotions and special offers etc, also sell more sets of the product which offers the customer a discount or free units for buying more, also better sales patter on the descriptions etc should help. If I can increase my conversion rate from 3% of customers buying to 6% which does not sound alot but will double my turnover to £8K per month.

    I want to increase both traffic to my site and also increase the actual sales from it.

    Hope this helps the novices as I expect this will be seriously old hat to the posters on the forum.

    Anyway, cheers !!

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