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January 23, 2008 // Internet Fun, seo

Thanks for the entries guys, not an overwhelming response by any means but thanks for the guys that took the time out to offer a seo tip for 2008. Some really nice tips that shouldn’t be ignored for the coming year. The Top 3 tips each won $10.00 from Seounique to spend on coffee, beer or your website! Please remember to email me at with your paypal ID’s so I can send over the huge wad!

Tip 1 (Winner) – Join your local Chamber of Commerce, you can get a link from them, plus you meet real people. Remember person to person networking rather than online networking. You may pick up more links from other members and possibly some consulting work. Don’t ignore what’s in your back yard. – Tip by – Lyndon

Tip 2 (Winner) – My tip for 2008. Do a bit of research, and publish posts showing the results and implications of the research. People love #s and stats. It doesn’t have to be complicated … often something simple. EG. Avatar experiment ( already performed. Tip by Jeff Quipp

Tip 3 (Winner) – Seriously, my tip would be to get a blog implemented and to take its upkeep seriously. Carve yourself a unique voice within your niche that people will happily return to. This can bring an enormous amount of traffic to your site, and more importantly for the purpose of SEO, if your content is good it will get you loads of naturally formed backlinks. – Tip by – Nick James

Tip 4 – Make all your SEM people build social media profiles for the company while they have down time – When they leave, you get to keep the profiles that can send a lot of traffic/new links to your clients with a couple clicks. Endgame 2008 SEO is going to be about Social Media and link baiting. – Tip by Wignut

Tip 5 – 2008 way of linking besides social and link bait is to find great articles on authority sites. Once you’ve found a great article that is relevant to you/your customer send them a small revision of that article that incorporates your link. Use your savvy persuasion ways and your in. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t mind a little tweaking for a free goodie bag. Good luck SEO’s in 2008! – Tip by Ashley Graham

Tip 6 – My tip for 2008. Make sure your site (or clients site) has plenty of ways for your visitors to promote the site via social media (Digg This! buttons, Add to etc.etc.) and then create “share-able” content. Link-able content and Linkbait is very good, but share-able is going to be better in 2008. – Tip by – John Carcutt

Tip 7 – Don’t waste your time with directory submissions and article submissions. Use link bait and good content to generate natural backlinks. – John Trumbii

Tip 8 – When creating the Title tags for your site make sure your primary targeted keyword is at the beginning of the description for each page, obviously make the page content relevant – By Me!

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