Over the past few weeks webmasters all over the world have all had one thing in common.Checking their beloved websites page rank. Yes – that’s right, it’s that time of the year where Google updates everyone’s page rank. Webmasters have predicted that the date of the Q3 page rank update should have occurred by now, internet related forums are full of debates and rants on why the page rank has not yet happened.

So what’s the big deal with Page Rank (PR)?

Well, in short, page rank is a number Google assigns to your website that is supposed to represent its importance. This number (in theory) should represent how Google picks its websites when displaying search results. So if you have a website selling “cars” and your page rank is only 0 or 1 then don’t expect to get many organic hits from Google. However if your websites page rank is 7 or 8 then you should expect to be at the top of search phrases for “cars”.

Is page rank that important?

Well, in our experience we say no. We did a small test over a period of three months whereby we spent absolutely nothing, that’s right nudda! Instead we looked at some of the other ranking factors that Google uses to rank websites in searches. Areas such as content and coding were top of our agenda. We created keyword rich content and followed the seo rules when creating the Meta tags etc.

So what were our results after 3 months?

Shocked to say the least! We found that our new seo website was on the first page of SERPS (search engine page results) for quite a lot of important keywords and we spent nothing! Below are a small list of some of the keywords we feature on the first page of Google for:

1. Dmoz explained

2. Alexa explained

3. Advance white hat SEO

4. Buying pr text links

5. Buy high PR directory submissions


In conclusion we feel that page rank is over hyped by webmasters that sell their links at high prices, just because they have a good PR. If you are looking to sell the links on your website then we hope you get your desired page rank (within reason) and make lots of money. If you don’t hit your target, don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world, just remember content and good coding will bring you the results for free.

Welcome Seo Uniques first official blog post.

I’m sure, you’re thinking – “dear god, yet another seo blog about seo” – well yes this is another seo blog about seo.

However! ( just to be dramatic) we believe seo is still treated like a mythical creature, it might not exist and if it does exist it will more than likely be the death of my website. Well to answer that quickly – if you don’t understand what’s good seo practice and what’s potentially harmful in terms of seo techniques then you could be in trouble.

At Seo Unique we try and give you as many free seo resources as possible to make your life that little bit easier. We try and explain terms to you in plain English, very very plain English. This way if you ever have a question or problem, Seo Unique will be the place you’ll visit to get the answers you need quickly.

We are updating our website with new content every week so please keep your eyes open.

Welcome again and we hope to see you back on our site soon.