Seo Anchor text

As some people do still consider seo a method of witchcraft here’s a small but effective tip for you and before you all start thinking “I know this, it’s obvious!” I still see this being missed throughout particular “seo companies” clients.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a term you will hear a lot in the world of seo. Anchor text is the text used when creating a text internally or externally from your website. For example, if you have a 2 page website about cars (it’s an example, humour me) then the actual text you use to link each page together is called “Anchor text”.

So on your website you have a link labeled – “Click here to visit page 2” – this is your link and the actual words used count as your anchor text. The page you are linking to has lots of content about cars but because your anchor text has no mention of cars you are not utilising anchor text fully.

What some people don’t realise is that using good anchor text inside your website helps with your overall seo “score” of your website. It’s easier to navigate therefore easier for the Google bot to visit your websites pages. So ideally if you are linking to a page about cars have “Quality car repairs and car information” – this is making that particular page more relevant than “Click here to visit page 2” which will do absolutely nothing for your seo work.

This practice should always be used for internal links and external links and also with images. It’s these phrases an keywords that should match with the content of your website and that’s what Google picks up on!

Facebook on slippery slope?

Hey, your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

That’s the message that I’m becoming all too familiar with every time I try to log on to Facebook. Earlier this week I was unable to logon to Facebook for almost an entire day, what’s the problem with this I hear you asking – will my life end if I don’t see what “mood” my friends are in or perhaps a long lost brother will “request” to be my friend. Well obviously not, but this isn’t the point, this happens at least once a day for me now.

I read from the “London AM” paper that Facebook had discovered a bug whereby users could now access “private” pages from other members. Well I have to say it – but who cares! The information on Facebook is hardly going to start WWIII – they are just photos and if Facebook can’t fix such a small problem in one big hit they need to start employing people who can work fast.

Believe it or not there is money to be made through Facebook and social media websites. You could obviously pay an extortionate amount of money to have your “flyer” displayed a few thousand times but initial feedback from advertisers says that the return rate was very low.

How do you generate free advertising on Facebook?

A simple way to generate interest in your product or service would be to create your very own group or start discussions in related groups. This rapport gains the trust of potential customers which obviously allows you to earn some potential cash. Don’t forget you have the option to include a link to your site from these groups. The link itself will do nothing in terms of SE rankings but you will generate traffic from it. I would say receives around 10-20 unique visitors per month from that free link. It may not seem enough but if you gain just one order it’s completely worth it.

Whatever Facebook is doing they are loosing the trust of its users. There are too many applications, pages are too busy and Facebook has more downtime than up, sort it out Mr. David Nicholson.

SocialStream is a project created by the Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, and funded by, wait for it…Google! The main goal of SocialStream is to unify all social media sites to one area. This would include features such as being able to update of all of your networks activity (i.e. friend request, personal messages etc)

What will this mean to existing social media websites?

Well social stream is still in development but is still on the horizon. My personal belief is that you join a particular social media site because you like that particular web layout or navigation or special feature that no-one else has. I suppose if SocialStream can manage to create a good, easy to use functioning website then they might be on to a winner.


What will this mean to Facebook and Myspace?

As Google is funding this operation to help reach western users we can expect big things, however Facebook and Myspace are like your hometowns. You get settled, know the area and have all your friends nearby so implementing a system like this might not work to Google’s advantage. The thought of having to integrate all of your social media sites sounds, in theory, well hard! Unless they can perfect an easy to use system that does it all for you I can’t see SocialStream kicking off.

Whatever the result you can bet Google will make sure SocialStream won’t be a complete failure. Watch this space.