Keyword placement is key in search

Being asked to take part in Hobo Web’s discussion based around keyword density got me thinking about this blog post idea. As I mentioned in the discussion I don’t believe in keyword density, too many times I have seen competitors with barely any visible on their pages. So what is important with keywords?

Well some of the basic seo rules apply here and just by following them, usually gives you the edge over a competitor that doesn’t.

I performed a search for “Link building methods” on Google UK and the following results were displayed:


As you can see my page is top, for the following these three rules:

1. Include the important keywords at the beginning of your page title
2. Include the keyword in the first line of the body, or in your page description
3. Include the keyword in your URL


I did the search again for my Yicrosoft Directory contest entry:


My Entry:

I have used this method for a while now and although it’s a common understanding to include the keyword in the URL, I see bad keyword usage in the title tags and in the page copy a lot of the time. Making the search engines understand that your page is relevant to the search query is key!

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