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October 20, 2008 // Internet News, Search Engines, seo

So someone revealed to me today how to get a fully followed text link on Google, yes you heard correctly – Google! If you look at Google’s Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant (WOAC) Program they explain how you can become a partner, with the partnership you get a PR 6 text link from Google which must have a serious amount of trust associated to it.

Your link will appear on the Google’s Website Optimizer Partners page which is 100% followed asnd juicy! What’s the catch I hear you say? Well there is a criteria to follow which includes (the following taken from Google’s Website):

  • Have designed and implemented at least 3 verifiable and successful Website Optimizer experiments with 3 different referenceable clients. Please include client contact info, description of experiments, and screen shots of reports.
  • Incorporated and in business for at least 2 years.
  • Proven background in marketing. Please list any speaking engagements at conferences, influential blogs, white papers, management bios, ad campaigns, marketing programs, and/or other evidence demonstrating your expertise with testing and your ability to evangelize testing.
  • Currently providing a range of service options including setup, training, and consultation for Google Website Optimizer. Please list your current Website Optimizer services and the approximate prices charged.
  • Website content linked from your home page that prominently and exclusively describes your Google Website Optimizer services (please provide a link).
  • Willing to attend and pass Google Website Optimizer technical training sessions (in English) at a Google office. Sessions usually last a few days and are held once per year in Mountain View, CA, USA.
  • Able to commit to providing detailed product and market feedback on a quarterly basis. Please provide a sample of this feedback by identifying top 3 client objections to Website Optimizer, top bugs you’d like fixed, and top 3 new features you’d like to see.
  • Have US$1M Professional Indemnity/Liability insurance.
  • Able to commit to launching a minimum of 3 Website Optimizer experiments per quarter.

A bit of a hasstle for a link but if you work for a larger agency, this is entirely possible and achievable.

Matt Ridout

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