How I spend my first hour every day – trapped in seo

October 30, 2007 // Internet Fun, seo

As seo is a constant moving industry it’s important to stay in touch with “what’s new” in seo. So I have put together a list of list of sites I visit like clockwork, every morning.

1. Seomoz – I recently wrote a blog piece criticizing some of the recent blog posts not being relevant but after a response from the Seomoz team it made me think I rely on their posts a bit too heavily. They do however provide good quality findings and it’s 100% worth 10 minutes of my time in the morning.
2. Sphinn – The social bookmarking website for the seo users and webmasters, providing quality and humorous posts about the seo world and any new developments. If an seo blogger finds something worthwhile within the community you can guarantee it will be on the front page of Sphinn by noon. I can spend up to 30 minutes reading stories on Sphinn.
3. Digital Point – I’ve been a member on this site for quite some time now and it does seem recently that a lot of spammy posts are being created but occasionally you will find some juicy story on there. You might find a nice domain name on the cheap or even a site to buy in your niche. Another 10 minutes of my life every day is spent on this site.
4. Digg – I know the majority of stories on digg are meant for entertainment but again you will find an seo or web related gem, add another 5 minutes to the clock!
5. Matt Cutts – I will check every day to see if there are any new Google developments, spend around 2 minutes perhaps if Matt isn’t too busy.
6. Search Engine Journal – Have some good relationships with key figures in the world of seo, if there’s a new discovery related to a search engine you can guarantee it will be posted within minutes – 2 minutes more (not long left to go in my busy morning)
7. Andy Beard – Nice blog to finish off my hour of seo news in the morning, usually something worthwhile being posted on a daily bases – the final 1 minute.

That’s how I spend each day of the week to keep me up-to-date with seo, I would love to hear some more suggestions to take up more of my valuable time in the morning.


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