Google Test? Just 4 Organic Results In SERPS

I know there are plenty of tests going on with Google at the moment but the latest one I discovered is quite surprising. Only 4 organic search results being listed with only 2 PPC results on the right, not the top.

I took a screen grab (see below):

The result happened when I was logged in to Google, searched through Google instant in the UK – let me know if anyone replicates?

12 thoughts on “Google Test? Just 4 Organic Results In SERPS”

  1. Glad to see your post. I thought I was going crazy yesterday. Not only did I get four results but there were no more choices beyond four at the bottom of the page (number 1 – 10).

    I turned off Google instant and it hasn’t happened again. Interesting to see what others will say too.


  2. does make sense. With instant the foucs is shifted towards the first results, and fewer and fewer people are probably scrolling down

  3. This looks like a bug to me (I experienced it too). The related searches for “classic fm” at the bottom are the clue. I saw four results for “classic films” but clicking “next” in results shows SERPs for “classic FM”.

    I think Google Instant has some bugs that need to be ironed out!

  4. I noticed this day before yesterday – for me, there were only 4 results displayed with no visible pagination or even ads – it was as if the http connection was cut in the middle. It does make sense though – for some queries, like ‘facebook login’, consumer expects to click only 1 of the leading 4-5 results. so display only 4-5 results?
    I have made a note of it here.

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