Google Plus Changing in SERPS

So it seems that Google is currently in the process of updating how Google+ brand/business pages are being displayed in the SERPS.



Besides the new thumbnails showing the old brand logos has reduced in size and the business description now removed. ¬†At the moment (9am GMT) the thumbnails are not showing fully in the UK but they are on – most likely because it’s rolling out now.

What else is interesting is that Google now seems to be cutting off posts after 24 hours, probably in a bid to keep results fresh:


You can see that in the UK for a number of brands that do actually have quite a good presence on Google+ they now do NOT trigger their listing in the search results:





  • Toyota has over 200k +1′s and over 2 million followers
  • Burberry has over 2 million +1′s and 2 million followers

If anyone else has any more information on this update please let me know.


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