Google Plus Results in Organic SERPS

This morning after being inspired this weeks MOZ video on Google+ and how it impacts personalised search results I decided to do some testing on Google for myself. Literally the first keyword I searched for showed a new result that I’ve not seen before – individual Google+ posts are now appearing as organic search results!

*NOTE – I’ve since been told this is not new but is something that has appeared in the US for a while now. Have to be honest and say I missed this first time around :)



The post that shows up for a search for “Handbags” (I work in fashion) is a post that was made nearly 1 year ago, and only had 2 +1′s. I was logged in to Google obviously so I was expecting to see persoanlised results but never have I seen the integration at this level.

The post itself had the word Handbags mentioned once and a few variations of bags plus also linked to our main product page for that item.



I couldn’t find any other results that triggered this but if anyone else does please let me know!


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