Made a Google Review Recently? You might want to consider rating highly!

I’m not sure if this observation is a bug in Google or intentional but a recent local review I made has replaced my author image and has triggered stars for my name.

I first noticed the result on my iPhone on which you can see the stars above the description but also with a smaller thumbnail of my author image:

I thought that a bit strange, so I also tested on a desktop too and got the same results (also same on tablet):

Now the particular┬árestaurant was good (although not great) and the stars look ok but what if I had rated the place a much lower score? This would have then triggered a low star rating in Google for people searching my name, which could be misinterpreted as I’m not trustworthy or of low value – which I like to think I am not.

If this is intentional I’m not really sure what value this adds, perhaps if they include a phrase like “latest review” that might clear the confusion up.

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