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December 14, 2013 // Search Engines, seo

Recent update I’ve noticed in the UK today for the first time, when you type a name into Google while logged in you get similar results as you would get for brands in Google+

author2You can see Google is pulling a lot more information from Google+ personal profiles including the avatar, number of followers, bio, personal information such as email and address and the most recent Google+ post. At the moment this information only appears when logged into Google (I was a bit shocked when I saw my address and email address but only I can see that).


Perhaps linked  to what possibly could be the recent rollout of Google plus your world in the UK – maybe an American reader could confirm this?

** Update – This has been in the US for a while now but only if you’re logged in to your Google+ account and for people whom you have circled. Thanks to Mark Traphagen for confirming.

Matt Ridout

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  1. Great find, Matt! I just tried to replicate it (by searching for “matt ridout”) and couldn’t see it – do you think that maybe it was a one-off test, but could come back again at some point?

  2. I think it’s currently rolling out in the UK Steve – its been in the US for a while now so likely to be integrated soon!

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