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May 25, 2010 // Internet Fun, Search Engines, seo

An area of Google Analytics which is sometimes overlooked is a tool called “Visualize”. This is accessible when you drill down in keyword data for specific areas, an example of this would be traffic sources > Google (organic). Once you see the keyword information with volumes you’ll notice a “visualise” button appear at the top of the screen in the grey boarder, see screen grab below:


Once in the area you’re presented with what appears to be a graph that plays like a video illustrating various metrics over time. This is great for comparing progress of specific keywords and goals over time. I’ve taken some additional screen grabs below:


What you’ll notice about is that you can “link to chart” (bravo Google) which you can send to other users who share the same profiles to illustrate results. Ive also included another shot which illustrates the metrics that can be included:


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