First Google Page Rank Update 2008


Reports of a new Google Page Rank have hit the long seo shores already. Before everyone started with the blasphemy, I couldn’t care less if it is or not.

Page Rank thread on Digital Point today had at least 3 or 4 people based in North America reporting changes in different sites. Screenshots were provided for different sites and people were assured this wasn’t a bug issue. Like I mentioned I have no interest in PR, I think it’s dated and does not accurately represent a websites true rank for anything.

What I will say for anyone interested in PR (shame on you) is that before the last update in October 2007, there were reports of websites listed in different countries receiving an update before others. This could mean an update is on the way for certain people.

Before you start jumping for joy or begin preparation for a noose, just bare in mind that page rank holds very little weight on search engine rankings. You should always build and maintain a website for your customers and readers to provide them with the best online experience you can offer, the rest will come free!

16 thoughts on “First Google Page Rank Update 2008”

  1. There seems to be this fashion for bashing Google’s PageRank.

    As a metric, it’s lost its shine, but as a means of being more relevant in the search results, PageRank is the only game in town…

  2. Pagerank nowadays is more of a pastime I think. It’s SERPs that matter. Backlinks and content outweigh the importance of PR by a landslide. It’s just a pretty green line on my browser that keeps me entertained every time Google changes it. I use it merely as a small measure of how my website is doing overall.

  3. Can you suggest the URL in which i can find 10 or More Different Sites page Rank at a time.

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