Facebook chat – good move?

April 23, 2008 // Internet Fun, Internet News

Facebook chat

The image above was a welcome surprise when I logged on to Facebook this morning – There is now a real time chat service, like Instant messenger. At the moment the features are nice and simple (which I like), you can set your status to “Online” or “Offline” depending on how chatty you feel. You can see which of your friends are online at any time.

Thinking about this service after the initial “surprise” is this feature something Facebook users want? For me it’s a place where I can message my friends, join groups, read discussions and occasionally find some good links (SEO related of course). If I wanted to chat to friends I would phone them or use an IM service – Facebook was my getaway from the real world for me – Perhaps I liked someone enough to “add them” as a friend but to actually engage in conversation is a whole other matter.

I’m sure Facebook will add and add to this feature eventually consuming what was once a simple medium to interact into a complicated web of ads and notifications. Anyway – I’m not casting judgment yet and have setup a poll – let me know what you think?

Matt Ridout

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  1. I like it.

    As I said to Matt on our chat via Facebook just a moment or two ago, there’s a chance they could commit megadeath across a huge swathe of the chat client market.

    Plus, because it looks like the tool bar on Windows, it’s an extremely familiar UI, too…

  2. I think they should just stick to normal social networking and what they have already. Although I have to say Facebook’s chat will be a lot better than Myspace’s

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