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Analysis of Top 10 Brands on Google+

August 23, 2012 // Search Engines, seo, Social Media // No Comments

So Google+ has been around a while now and there have been many arguments and discussions based on if the social platform is working or not. The numbers certainly speak for themselves, in April 2012 Avinash quoted that there is […]

25 Websites every SEO should know for 2010

In February last year I created a list of 25 websites every SEO should know, I must admit the basis of that blog post was intended as link bait which did happen to deliver. However I did also receive a […]

How using twitter could harm your brand

Those of you may or may not have seen many references to random words such as “MoonFruit” and Mpora on twitter over the last few months. Let me just explain to those of you who are not so up-to-date with […]