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Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Penalty or Update – First Look

I guess the latest Google update penalty shouldn’t have been a surprise for many of us, we’ve all known that exact match domains have had extra punching weight when it comes to rankings in Google for some time now. For […]

How People are Using Paid Links Safely

September 6, 2012 // paid links, seo // 2 Comments

Ok, I just want to start by saying I do not promote the use of paid links at all but there’s a technique which I’m seeing being used more and more that does help increase rankings and has very little […]

Analysis of Top 10 Brands on Google+

August 23, 2012 // Search Engines, seo, Social Media // No Comments

So Google+ has been around a while now and there have been many arguments and discussions based on if the social platform is working or not. The numbers certainly speak for themselves, in April 2012 Avinash quoted that there is […]