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New Major SERP hack in the UK

Another morning, another search results hijack appears to surface. Car insurance is one of the most competitive search terms to try and rank for in the UK and it often takes years to establish yourself at the top. However this […]

Analysis of Top 10 Brands on Google+ (Part 2)

November 8, 2012 // Search Engines, seo, Social Media // No Comments

Back in August this year I conducted an analysis looking at 10 of the top brands on Google+. I carried out the study for a number of reasons but primarily to help answer a question that had been grating on […]

How to Write a Google Friendly Guest Blog Post

October 11, 2012 // Search Engines, seo // 2 Comments

So one of the latest pieces of “clarification” from Google came in the shape of Matt Cutt’s explaining his take on Guest Blog Posting and if it’s OK for SEO? For those of you who havn’t yet seen it: Matt […]