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I can click a Sphinn button – BIG DEAL

February 12, 2008 // Internet Related, Social Media // One Comment

I have never really opened the gates to a good old fashioned rant on Seounique before, so here goes! Have you ever wondered why your interesting blog posts or link bait you pay hundreds of bucks for never makes it […]

Didn’t realise your name was the same as your anchor text!

November 27, 2007 // Internet Fun, Internet Related // No Comments

An interesting debate broke out on Digital point last week that seems to have continued gathering interest as it moves on. Someone provided a “tip” for “seo newbies” to help build up links for free using appropriate anchor text descriptions. […]

Text Link Ads are they being punished?

November 20, 2007 // Internet Related, seo // One Comment

So by this point everyone knows that Google has indeed penalized sites that sell links on their site. If you didn’t know that – “welcome to earth” (as in Independence Day the film – for you film buff’s). So you […]