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Google Test? Just 4 Organic Results In SERPS

September 27, 2010 // Internet Fun, Search Engines // 12 Comments

I know there are plenty of tests going on with Google at the moment but the latest one I discovered is quite surprising. Only 4 organic search results being listed with only 2 PPC results on the right, not the […]

Google Instant Single Character Keywords

September 8, 2010 // Internet Fun, Search Engines, seo // 7 Comments

Many blogs are reportingĀ on Google Instant and it’s many features and the impact this major change will have on SEO and other online marketing channels. I for one enjoyed the streaming session held by Google and found it highly entertaining, […]

Google Analytics Visualize

An area of Google Analytics which is sometimes overlooked is a tool called “Visualize”. This is accessible when you drill down in keyword data for specific areas, an example of this would be traffic sources > Google (organic). Once you […]