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Linklove Link Building Takeaways

Hey guys, I’ll be updating some of the highlights from #linklove 2013 during the day:


Will Reynolds

  •  There is no finish line when it comes to link building
  • Use your out of office to let people know what you do, Will’s wife received £1k donation
  • Nudges – small actions can lead to bigger goals
  • Use newsletter subscribers to help build social followers, after they signup point them to your twitter, Google+
  • Links don’t make companies money, the actions that those links lead to do, Will then suggested Distilled rename linklove to revenuelove
  • Will tweeted about Rackspace over Christmas talking about their values and that nudge lead to their customer service team  asking to guest blog post on their site
  • some times you need to give away your secrets to build links, don’t hold back
  • Printing pages are still valuable, thousands of people still use these, especially for learning
  • Linkdomain intitle commands in Bing still useful for finding out psites that link to your industry

Lyndon Antcliff

  • Having the right attitude is more important than knowledge
  • Content marketing is basically the same think as link bait, just more manageable to understand for those who don’t know link building
  • When reading text our brain converts the data into images
  • People link to websites, not websites – think about who you are speaking to and communicating with
  • Think about the physiology of the linker or blogger
  • Difficult to get people’s attention these days, need to adopt a “tabloid mindset”
  • Think like the Economist and create like The Sun (newspaper)
  • Spend a few days when thinking about headings, read poetry for inspiration
  • Best headline ever seen “Boy Eats Own Head” – triggers primal sections of your brain
  • Building links will cost a lot of time and there are risks that nothing might happen, but the rewards are often worth it
Hannah Smith
  • Go to fiverr and type “links” – but you don’t want these type of links and its not sustainable
  • Use Zemanta, pay for impressions, get the visibility you would get if you we’re someone like Rand Fishkin
  • Ask for a reference link in the description of photos in Flickr
  • Image Raider, find out who’s using your images, just enter your URL
  • PR agencies good at getting publicity but not links. Ask for an image credit if used of on a news site or blog, seems to get better returns as owners understand more
  • Sometimes paying for advertising (no-follow only) opens doors to forum and community owners that might lead to SEO value in the future
  • Become a regular contributor on blogs, build relationships
Ian Lurie
  • When looking for bad links title tags are a good place to start, misspelling and auto generated ones will stand out, could be a problem
  • If you view he source code on Google’s page “How Search Works” you can scrape code that allows you to find thousands of examples of actual spam, spam that Google see’s as spam – this can be used when reviewing your own profile

I must apologise that I didn’t add more insights but I stupidly brought an iPad to the conference and live blogging on that tablet is near impossible!


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Made a Google Review Recently? You might want to consider rating highly!

I’m not sure if this observation is a bug in Google or intentional but a recent local review I made has replaced my author image and has triggered stars for my name.

I first noticed the result on my iPhone on which you can see the stars above the description but also with a smaller thumbnail of my author image:

I thought that a bit strange, so I also tested on a desktop too and got the same results (also same on tablet):

Now the particular restaurant was good (although not great) and the stars look ok but what if I had rated the place a much lower score? This would have then triggered a low star rating in Google for people searching my name, which could be misinterpreted as I’m not trustworthy or of low value – which I like to think I am not.

If this is intentional I’m not really sure what value this adds, perhaps if they include a phrase like “latest review” that might clear the confusion up.

New Major SERP hack in the UK

Another morning, another search results hijack appears to surface. Car insurance is one of the most competitive search terms to try and rank for in the UK and it often takes years to establish yourself at the top. However this morning when searching in Google for Car Insurance a result that was only 1 hour old appears to rank in number 3 position.

Now in the past Google has tested including news results into top positions for competitive terms but having worked on a car insurance client for a few years I was unfamiliar with this particular site, so I looked a bit closer. Here is the page that ranks number 3 in the UK for the term car insurance:

Looks trustworthy huh..

The content on the site is very small, there’s nothing I could find that indicates hidden text or mass on-page spamming. Looking at the categories on the site it’s obvious this site is used to spam multiple categories/verticals as it’s all unrelated:

What’s worrying to me on this result is that for the last 3 years I’ve not seen this happen on a keyword of this magnitude, so something new must be being used by the spammers or there’s a new hole in Google’s ever changing algorithm.

The site is 5 years old and the is a fairly low number of low quality links but nothing out of the blue – I’ll have a look further into this but if anyone has any insights please comment and let me know!

**Update – Google dealt with the spam within a matter of hours, but given the search volume for that phrase these guys probably made quite a bit of cash.