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Social Bookmarking Presentation

A while ago I created a short presentation for a client just to help explain some real basic “do’s and dont’s” on social bookmarking. The client seemed to understand it clearly and took my advice on board so I decided to share with the world!

social bookmarking presentation

The file is 757kb and is in Power Point format, please download Social Bookmarking 101 Presentation

It’s from the angle of the absolute “new starter” to social bookmarking and social networking, if you have experience in either you probably won’t learn a great deal. As mentioned on the slides if anyone wants to use the data please do, just credit this blog.


Social Bookmark Count Plugin v1.1

After our initial release of our Social Bookmark Count plugin we have made some much needed tweaking and have a nice wordpress plugin for the masses to try.


1. Reddit’s removed

2. You can now see your bookmarked pages if you click on the numbers

3. Magnolia and Technorati bookmark counts have been added

4. Percentages now available by hovering on the Pie Chart

Download Social Bookmark Count V1.1



If anyone finds any other bugs or glitches please let me know.

Download Social Bookmark Count plugin

Ever wondered how many social bookmarks you have pointing to your blog helping bring in traffic? Or perhaps you’ve been receiving traffic from an unknown source? Now by installing”The Social Bookmark Count” you can monitor StumbleUpon, Digg, Sphinn, Reddit and bookmarks daily.

The plugin will display the number of times your domain has been bookmarked in some of the most popular social bookmarking websites around. This is a good way to show how popular your blog may appear to be in a social market.


Download Social Media Bookmark Count plugin


Install Guide:

1. Download the plugin

2. Open using WinRAR

3. Load your ftp

4. Find your plugin directory and simply copy the file in the area

5. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin

6. The bookmark count is updated once a day

7. Hey presto it works!

*Update – Version 1.1 has now replaced version 1.0, few bug fixes. Also the ability to look at the actual pages where you have been bookmarked, simply click on the count next to each site.