High Bounce Rates? – Now Google Offers to Block Your Site

I noticed something new in Google (or at least I’ve never seen it before) – next to the “Cached” link on a domain there’s seems to be a link displaying “Block all content www.domain.com results“.

See the screen grab below with the links and placement:

The result being shown in Google was an archive page for a blog and was ranking number 1 so perhaps there’s a filter on these types of pages when in┬áprominent┬ápositions?

When you hover the mouse on the listing the following popup is shown:

Quite interesting that Google are pushing more people to be signed in – supports their drive for +1′s over the recent months.

** Update – I managed to replicate this for all sites now. Simply click on any website in Google and click “back” in your browser within a short time period and the addition to the results for that website will be shown. This does NOT happen if you stay on the site for over a minute.

If anyone else has seen something similar I’d be interested to hear.

6 thoughts on “High Bounce Rates? – Now Google Offers to Block Your Site”

  1. This more to help your own personalized results and has been there for a few months, it is an aid to help you filter out the sites that were of no use. They tend to appear on regularly searched terms & will notify you that you have bloacked sites for that search as well.

  2. @ John – Indeed, it’s interesting because we’ve “known” that Google does care about bounce rates but this shows how browser activity is understood and integrated in search results.

    @ Dean – I’ve not seen it before the other day, especially when NOT signed in

  3. Hi Matt,

    What few realize is that block function provides Google with the perfect excuse to push your site down in the serps or even delete it altogether. I wrote about why using crowdsourcing in that manner is a big #FAIL in the post I’ve linked to this comment.

    P.S. I just added your blog to my Top Marketing Blogs on GrowMap reading list and my Twitterfeed.

  4. The curious thing is I had a site that was at 2nd position for x kwd and 2 after I saw that for a first time it went completely off not even within the first 10 pages result then after a month it came back but never to the same position not till the moment I’m writing this comment so the bottom line how this will affect the SERP if your competition decide to block your sites for a bunch of fictitious google accounts ? does google has this feature on the bots Algorithm? Kind of risky I guess

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