Blackhat equals idiot

March 5, 2008 // Internet News, seo

I want to take this opportunity to say I recently attended a social event after one of the days at SES London 2008 – minding my own business chatting away to fellow SEO enthusiasts I noticed a guy (Mr X) standing rather close to me at the bar – in a patronizing tone he “wanted to get to the bar“. No please, no thank you just annoyance that I was slowing down his drinking ability.

Through the night I saw this guy sucking up to the Google and MSN representatives (that looked utterly bored with Mr X) as he proceeded to tell them how to do their jobs and how great he was. One of my friends proceeded to tell me that Mr X was infact head of SEO for a well known Online Casino company. This information immediately clicked in to place as to why this guy had been swanning around for the last 3 hours believing he was only one step away from the big man himself.

Back to my point, I was by no means stalking Mr X – please bare this in mind! Outside I heard him boasting to some other disinterested people how he only used “Blackhat all the way” to get the “best results“. I did at that point want to “whitehat “his ass fairly sharpish.

Instead I found out what the exact URL was and started my analysis of the site (the next day). The site had keyword stuffing all over the place, their backlinks were so obviously all paid for, the anchor text did not change at all – 100% one phrase and where was this douche ranking? Well 2nd of course (grrr), as many of us bloggers and site owners keep receiving penalties from Google for the occasional “suspicious” link or two – sites that must make hundreds of millions of pounds can get away with it by the looks of it (old news I know)!

I’m not blaming Google but when the evidence against a site looks so obvious, why doesn’t Google do something about it?

Anyway, not to be outdone by Mr X, his site has been reported for every Blackhat evidence I could find – bit “snitchy” I know but all this could have been avoided by saying one word – “please”. Google get to work PLEASE!

Matt Ridout

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My name is Matt Ridout, I've been working in digital marketing for 9 years; worked for agencies and currently Head of SEO at fashion startup called Farfetch. Try to test my own theories.


  1. Hi Matt,

    lol was this at the LondonSEO party after SES by any chance. Got a feeling I know who you are talking about, and don’t worry I don’t think you are alone thinking this about Mr. X =)

    Nice blog by the way.


  2. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article t equals idiot | SeoUnique Blog, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  3. Thanks for the reply Lisa, sorry for the late response – 400+ spam comments are getting tiresome to get through!

    Glad i’m not alone!

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