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October 22, 2007 // Internet Fun, seo

I’m open minded when it comes to blog posts and I’ll give anything a 2 minutes of my time (if I have the time). I’ve always been a big fan of and as they generally provide accurate new information and discoveries to the SEO world.


Recently I’ve started to notice completely non relevant posts cropping up which, quite frankly I have no interest in. There are thousands of SEO blogs out there (this one included hehe) and the majority of them repeat old news or attempt to put a spin on an old theory so what have the “top dogs” been discussing recently?

1. My favorite pedometer: Omron HJ-720ITC – Matt Cutts

2. Snippets from 30,000 Feet –

3. Suggested schwag: triple-tap AC adapters – Matt Cutts

4. 13 Things to Do When Your Loved One is Away at Conferences–

So this must be an indication that in the world of these two sites must be well on top of things. Ok I know Matt Cutts has a gadget section so I can’t be too hard on him but seriously the majority of your readership is after SEO related info – please indulge us! I am disappointed with you guys, if I want to read about what Rand gets up to on a plane trip or what to do when my “loved one” is away I’ll read the entertainment section of Digg.

I understand you can’t make up new findings but I can think of 101 different topics to write about that would be more interesting and related to seo. This is not a personal attack in any way and I do enjoy reading the material posted on the sites, but especially with the amounts of money you guys must be floating please have some sort of quality control on your blog pieces.

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  1. Well, Matt is actually a G employee and certainly NOT a SEO person per se… ya know?

    It’s his personal space and he writes in it accordingly unless there is some ‘company business’ to be taken care of.

  2. I quit reading the snippets post after 3 rows.
    But I read the comments and got me sick: `The best thing he has ever written????` OMG! How could they read that book?

    PS: The white hat bloggers are limited in imagination. Go blackhat to see the real sheet!;)

  3. You’ve uncovered my secret–sometimes I talk about non-SEO stuff. 🙂

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