7 Features that will make Mixx huge in 2008

1. When you login to Mixx or visit the domain (depending on your browser setup) you automatically see how your stories are performing and you can see what stories have been submitted by your friends.


2. The submission process is clean and friendly, I could quite happily sit down and submit hundreds of stories, photos and videos without feeling confused.




3. It’s easy to create a good friend and fan base, and your friends are displayed in your account page.



4. Karma points encourage Mixx users to interact, be nice, start conversations and be part of the community.



5. You can buy Mixx products, such as a stylish Mug, all your co-workers will know where you go to bookmark, drink with pride!




6. The Mixx lounge and tools are easily accessible at the bottom of the page giving you access to feeds and other Mix goodies.




7. They have a unique social awards system to once again encourage people to be active and friendly!


None of these features are particularly mind blowing or revolutionary but the way the site is put together it adds a sense of well being to the site. I’m yet to see the harassment of members by others, it reminds me of stumble when it first started.

Mixx is already a fast growing social bookmarking site but with these features standing out to me I can see very big things for Mixx in 2008!

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