15 Websites Every SEO Should Know for 2011

For the past 2 years I’ve created lists of websites that every SEO should either know or use the following year. You can find my previous lists here for 2010 and 2009 but for 2011 please look through the resources below:

  1. Google Webmaster Central on YouTube – Google and more importantly Matt Cutt’s help answer questions focused around search which helps clear up a lot hearsay and new developments.
  2. Twitter – If you don’t know what Twitter is please venture out of your cave at least once and give it a try. More important know it’s been confirmed social signals contribute to organic search rankings. Very useful for finding business contacts and having SEO news delivered to your screen (depending who you follow obviously).
  3. SEO Dojo Training – I’ve been a long term fan of Dave Harry and his blog, SEO Dojo training is a great commnity and I massivly suggest you join in. Lot’s of testing, sharing and training for even the most experienced SEO’s.
  4. SEOMoz – Great SEO blog and community for beginers up to experienced SEO’s. Rand Fishkin has done a great job of cementing himself in the industry, new developments and discoveries are often discussed with data to backup theories.
  5. Open Site Exporer – Essential link analysis tool for all SEO’s. Find out where your competitors get their links from and discover the value of each link.
  6. SEOBook – Essential reading on a regular basis for any SEO and some of the free downloadable tools are great to use.
  7. Yammer – Knowledge share will be as important as ever, Yammer lets you create mini communities like Twitter to help share news/links and updates – great for agencies and internal departments that might want to keep persnoal and business life separate!
  8. Search Engine Land – A hub of all activity search related, of course you can use Sphinn too which is their sister site which still delivers great SEO articles.
  9. Google Insights – If you want to know trends of particular search phrases or websites this is a great place to find free data. Take the results with a pinch of salt but generally Google’s providing good insights here plus if you’re stuck for keyword ideas there’s some relevant suggestions.
  10. SEOUnique – An SEO blog written by me that you are reading now (and hopefully you’re enjoying) meant for beginners and those interested in a few SEO theories and tests. 
  11. Search Engine Roundtable – Another blog/community website which I’ve been using for years, often very quick to announce new SEO developments so definitly one for the RSS.
  12. Majestic SEO – Another link analysis tool and a rather good one too. It’s been around for a while and although sometimes the links aren’t updated frequently enough it has a great admin area and reporting layout.
  13. Hitwise – More important for the advanced SEO’s out there, Hitwise provides industry insights at an incredibly granular level. Costs and absolute fortune but they do release bits of free information and data through their blog, well worth bookmarking.
  14. LinkedIn - Really important business social site, think of it as a place to map out your career path and past work experiences. A lot of headhunters for agencies and client side jobs in SEO, not only that but you can take part in group discussions and help answer questions which help increase your business profile.
  15. Search Engine People – I’ve been a big fan of this blog for many years and can tell you Jeff Quipp is an extremely interesting SEO and blogger. Great search blog posts can be found here!

I’m sure there are many other sites that SEO’s should know for 2011, if you have any suggestions please let me know and I’ll build up a bigger list.

6 thoughts on “15 Websites Every SEO Should Know for 2011”

  1. to me looks more like a list of websites every SEOs should have known back in 2007!!! Are you sure you’re in the right decade Dude? ;)

  2. While I appreciate everyone’s list is going to be different a lot of these sites weren’t around in 2007 ;)

    Suggest some more to me?

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